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To Whom It May Concern by Jackie Martling
Transcend Radio Single of the Day.

Jackie the Jokeman

May 23, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA -- As part of the Transcend Radio Network launch, on Live365, TMusic will release a digital single per day from each of our DJs for the next 30 days (see DJ list and show times listed below). The songs will be exclusive to ITunes with the profits going to support the DLF programs. Today's single is To Whom It May Concern by Jackie Martling.

Today's single comes from JACKIE MARTLING, the super funny and multi talented side kick from the HOWARD STERN Show (Howard is a great supporter of TM and the David Lynch Foundation). Jackie and his co host JOHN DeBELLIS will join the Transcend Radio lineup of DJs later this month. In the meantime, help support DLF and download Jackie's single "To Whom It May Concern."

To help spread the word, please share this info and ITunes link with your friends, family and other social platforms. To Whom It May Concern by Jackie Martling - Exclusively on iTunes.

Jackie's breakthrough into major radio came in 1981 when longtime writer/producer of the Rick Dees Morning Show on KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, Dave Lipson, discovered Jackie's "Use Your Finger! (516) 922-WINE" telephone service. Each day's offerings were recorded and aired daily on the Dees morning show, eventually leading to Jackie recording daily joke segments just for Dees' shows. That's when Dees suggested Jackie be referred to on his show as "The Joke Man." This turned out to be one of the most popular bits on Dees' legendary morning show.

Martling has a vast knowledge of jokes. In his standup routine, and during his tenure on The Howard Stern Show, they often played "Stump The Joke Man," where audience members were challenged to start a joke that Martling couldn't provide the punch line to. If they successfully were able to "Stump The Joke Man," they would win a T-shirt. Rarely was Martling stumped.

The Howard Stern Show
In the late 1970's and early 1980's, Martling recorded several comedy albums, including What Did You Expect?!, Goin' Ape, and Normal People Are People You Don't Know That Well. Although album sales were anemic, Martling mailed the albums to Howard Stern at WNBC-AM when Stern first arrived in New York City in 1982. A guest appearance on Stern's radio show in February 1983 led to his eventual hiring as a cast member when the show moved to morning drive on K-Rock in 1986.

Along with Fred Norris, Martling wrote bits, song parodies, and material for the infamous "Jackie puppet" for The Howard Stern Show. Billy West, who voiced the puppet, said how surreal it was to sit behind Martling, and viciously attack him with lines Jackie had just written for him. Martling demanded the billing "head writer" for Howard Stern's TV show which aired on WWOR and also was nationally syndicated 1991-1992.
Source: Wikipedia

Jackie Martling talks with TMusic.

Q. What is your first music memory?
A. In the early Fifties I loved sitting by myself and watching a tv show where kids sang along with Charity Bailey, an African-American woman who sang & played the piano. As I remember, it was for the most part Christian gospel songs, many of the same ones we sang in Methodist Sunday School, like "Faith, Hope & Charity" and "Onward Christian Soldiers."

Q. Please name five of your favorite books.
A. "The Godfather," "Cat's Cradle," "Catch-22," "The Information" (a recent book about the collection of information since the beginning of time until the present), "The Box" (the story of television).

Q. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
A. I wouldn't have to do any more of these Q & A's. Actually, that's tied with no more war.

Q. What would you most like to be remembered for?
A. As someone who always brought joy to others.
And, hopefully, as a man who donated his many millions (which I don't have yet) to the needy & wanting.

Q. What is your definition of family?
A. A true family's a group of people who thoroughly love, support, & enjoy each other's company ... at least most of the time.

Q. What do you do to keep healthy?
I no longer drink alcohol (at 53 I had certainly put in my time) ... I don't drink Diet Coke or take any pills ... I try to think before I eat ... and I walk on the beach or hit the dreaded treadmill nearly every day. And even though I worry a lot, I try not to. After spending many decades with a bloated beer belly, I finally got trim and have consistently remained at my high school weight for over four years.

Q. How did you first hear about The David Lynch Foundation?
A. Being a fan from forever, I went to see Donovan perform at "The Cutting Room" in New York City a few years ago. After the show, I met Jason Rothberg, who's married to one of Donovan's daughters, Astrella. We hit it off, and since they told me they liked my work, I sent a huge pile of my fun JokeLand   stuff to Jason and the Donovan crew over in Mallorca, Spain.
      I guess they enjoyed it, and a while after that Jason e-mailed me and told me about The David Lynch Foundation   and asked me if I'd like to get on board. I've never done TM (as yet), but I was immediately drawn in after reading that one of the foundation's purposes is to help returning soldiers find their way. I've done stuff for The Wounded Warriors   at The New York Friars Club, and really want to do whatever I can for the men and women who've fought for us.
      When Jason said he'd like me to do a radio show and that I could do whatever I wanted on the show, including playing my original music, man ... I jumped at the opportunity.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your single?
A. In 1976 I was playing in "The Off Hour Rockers," a three-piece local Long Island band that played all original songs and told jokes and did crazy routines. We were fun but very   very small-time (did I mention we were small-time?). I fell madly in love with a great girl who liked me a lot but wasn't really on the same page I was. When she decided she didn't even want to be part of the book,   and totally moved on, the songs of heartache just poured out of me.
      I was distraught over her, my friends were concerned, and jumping in to help, Vinny Santucci, who owned the two Neptune Pubs where we had been playing steadily for years, decided that to try to pull up my spirits he'd back us cutting a 45 rpm single of "The Pot Song," an anthem I'd written about an incredibly wild party a friend of mine had thrown on my 27th birthday. Vinny couldn't help but notice how nuts the audiences went whenever we played it, and so he thought "What the heck, let's run it up the flagpole."
      I said great, but I'm only in if Side B can be "To Whom It May Concern," the best of the many songs I'd written about the departed Eileen ("To Whom It May Concern" was also a big fan favorite). Everybody agreed, and voila'.
      Both sides of the 45 rpm single were produced by Kevin Kelly at his studio, "The Workshoppe Recording Studios" in Douglaston, Queens, New York. Kevin played in "Savoy Truffle," a two-man group that also played at Vinny's Neptune Pubs ... it was kind of a family project.
      After we completed the tunes Kevin hired me to work at the studio, and that job taught me all I needed to later record and produce three comedy lp's, which I blindly sent to Howard Stern in 1983. Howard liked them, he called me to join him on his WNBC   radio show one Tuesday afternoon, and zoooom.
      The Off Hour Rockers' 45 rpm "hit single" could be found in many juke boxes on Long Island in the late 70's and both sides, being great bar songs, were heard fairly often.
      Keeping with the family trend, today Kevin Kelly is one of my best pals and lives near me on the lovely North Shore of Long Island with my beautiful sister and the light of my life Katie Dunn.
      And Jim Tepe, who does the sensational guitar work on the song ... and who, yes, played at the Neptune Pubs ... has created a lot of the fun music we use on our channel Howard 101SiriusXM   radio show, "Jackie's Joke Hunt."

Q. What brings you bliss?
A. Feeling close to my girlfriend, any time spent with my sister & our family, swimming in my beloved Long Island Sound, the laughter after I tell a joke, my cat cuddling in bed with us and any time anybody's interested in my music.

Jackie Martling coming soon to Transcend Radio


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